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  1. I'm assuming your referring to unlinking the hard drive from the drive pool, yes I understand that. Want I'm wondering, is after unlinking the hard drive, how does Drive Pool handle the data that was on that specific hard drive that was unlinked, does it automatically start transferring the data to other available hard drives that are currently in the Pool? I'll try that out tonight and I'll see what happens.
  2. my question is more of a how to, and I was unable to find an answer via search (most likely not using good key words, sorry). When we need to change the physical drive for whatever reason (damage, upgrade, in my case in the near future, upgrade), what is the process to ensure we do not lose data on the drive we are removing if it's apart of the Pool Drive? How do I ensure that data is migrated to another hard drive that's not being removed?
  3. mdoverl

    Bundled Products

    Any way we can close this thread, I was able to find a bundle to buy on the website.
  4. I guess this questions is aimed toward people who use OneDrive. How well does CloudDrive work with OneDrive? Does it sync better than the OneDrive application itself? Does it break the sync as often if I throw hundreds of GB of data at it? I have about 3.5 TB of data on OneDrive and syncing breaks pretty easily if backing up large amounts of data (Which leads to weeks of tediously analyzing what broke and fixing the sync without wiping the OneDrive library from my computer or server.). I'm actually thinking of paying for a second OneDrive Account so I can increase my total cloud storage to 12 TB.
  5. mdoverl

    Bundled Products

    Not sure if this is the right place for this question. Is there a bundle price for DrivePool and Scanner, or all three StableBit products together?
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