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  1. Just wanting to toss in my $0.02 on this. It's definitely not so much among the consumer side of things, but there's definitely a missing data point in there. I've noticed that HDSentinel has the ability to scan, but I'm not as big of a fan of their interface and it doesn't integrate with drivepool. I appreciate all the work that's been going into StableBit tools, but I'd really love to see this, even if it was sold as an additional license, an extra $10 for SAS integration or something...
  2. Hello! I'm fairly new to StableBit, but liking the setup so far! I've got a few pools for various resources in my server. In case it's important, here's a quick idea of what I've got running: Dell R730 running Windows Server 2019 Datacenter, connected to a 24 disk shelf via SAS. Each drive shows up individually, so I've used DrivePool to create larger buckets for my data. I'd like to have them redundant against a single drive failure, but I know that means duplicating everything. I will eventually have a pool dedicated to my VMs, and VMs deduplicate very well since each one req
  3. Oh! Thanks for that Stuart! Is there any idea how soon it'll show up for the stable version? I don't need it immediately, though sooner rather than later would be beneficial... If I had a rough time frame I could decide if I wanted to try the beta version or just wait. Much appreciated!
  4. I just installed StableBit DrivePool on a fresh install of Windows Server 2019, utilizing SAS drives in a separate shelf, but I'm still getting this error. When I look at my version it says Version I see people mentioning 2.2.3.x in this list, did I not get the most recent version when I downloaded it? When I try to force the update check, I never get any notification (so I assume that means I'm on the most recent version...) Log Name: Microsoft-Windows-Deduplication/Operational Source: Microsoft-Windows-Deduplication Date: 10/6/2019 8:32:08 AM Event ID:
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