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  1. Plees help how the template file of the balancer restriction rule by folder nesting level will look file with the rule - template for the balancer there is an option in the program, I can specify a drive for each folder on which it will be located - but I don’t want to limit the program in this way - I need it to decide on which drive it should store the files - but for example, for example, the 1DVD folder would be completely saved and not split into file to different drives. And let the program itself move this folder and balance it to any disk — even HDD2 or 4 — where it needs to go there, and it will only move all the folders of a given nesting level. I do not want to assign a fixed assignment strictly for the hdd2 movie. For example, there is a folder with the series that does not want to be packaged, because sometimes you want to watch them without unpacking. "d \ films \ serials \ tv5 \ FINISH-SERIAL" \ seasons1 ... seasons ... folders When copying to a file pool, all series and seasons are copied in turn to 3 HDDs. As a result, if you need to see files only on 1 drive, there will be a FINISH-SERIAL folder but the first 30 episodes may not appear in it. But at first glance there is a folder and a subfolder and everything needs to be checked somehow by the program, It is possible in the balancing settings. Limit the number of folder levels to 4. Level 4 is film FINISH-SERIAL. In any situation, if I need to open separately 1 HDD, I knew. What is there, there is a FINISH-SERIAL folder, then inside it are 100% all series and not a set of different fragments that can not be viewed in a row or DVD files will not work because part of the DVD files are on another disk. The same with the game - there is a game folder. But it lacks a .dat file because there is only an exe file and a dat file on other disks ... How to limit the level of nesting of the final folder after which the program will save the entire series or DVD folder or game entirely without breaking it into pieces. Or how to create an archive inside which you can watch movies without unpacking so that the player switches from series to series .. a background archive at the file system level that would represent the archive as a 100% folder inside which you can fully work and edit the contents without unpacking into temporary directories ... that is, that in the file manager the archive would look like a folder with which you can work - how this is done in existing file managers does not work - you can’t use the archive as a 100% folder with background work oh archive - if someone knows how to do this I will be glad! Thanks for the help! stiec85@yandex.ru
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