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  1. Interested in drivepool to move all my assorted hdds formatted as ntfs into one "pool" for various reasons 1- ok with losing 1 hdd of information, but not all information like a raid0 or raid5 array could have 2- not ok with losing performance with raid5 array 3- want to create something interoperable between linux and windows (not sure if this will work) However, this data is important to me. I have a couple questions: 1- Lets say stablebit moves onto another something else. Would the software be unable to call home to check activations? Its ok if I cannot use the software as long as I can acsess my data. 2- If I reinstall windows can I see the drives immediatally or do I need to install stablebit 3- would interoperatability with linux work? What is the best case for 12x12tb hdds for linux interoperability and a single pool? I need good performance for mediastreaming
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