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    I ended up figuring it out. For some reason the Poolpart folder on that one drive wasn't being recognized by Drivepool on the new install. When I added the drive back into the pool though a different Poolpart folder was being created an upon moving my data there it was recognized and everything was working okay. It took me a bit of time to figure this out but it saved my data so it was well worth it. I'm not sure what I did to cause the issue in the first place but the other 15 drives migrated to the new install without issue. Stablebit scanner was still giving me the error with the beta version by the way. I mirrored the data to another drive just to be sure but I'm almost 100% certain the original drive is fine.
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    I recently moved my install to a new system and everything was going smooth, I reactivated Drivepool and it started doing a bit of balancing. When I came back to the system I had an error message from Drivepool that for the life of my I can't remeber but it was a warning to due with duplicate folders and asked if I wanted to let Drivepool delete older files so it could continue. I chose that option thinking nothing of it but now one of my 10TB hard drives will get added to my Drivepool but the data will only show up as other. The drive is accessible normally and Iam currently copying the files over to a new drive. I'm not sure what I did when I clicked on that message but after installing Stablebit Scanner it's showing that drive having some errors but it's unable to correct them. If anyone knows what I clicked to get the files one of my drives not being able to be read by Drivepool or how to fix this mess please let me know!
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