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  1. Ok, I get the hierarchical pooling setup, but I don't quite understand the seeding process. First of all, the actual data will be on the same physical drives, so would I just need to cut and paste inside the new hidden folder for the hybrid pool? I assume you don't copy/paste in the logical Drivepool volumes, since they won't work if the services are stopped?
  2. Hi Chris, thanks for your reply! I figured out what it was, it had a hardware fault on the SSD boot drive, all fixed now! It was just a coincidence. The software works brilliantly so far.
  3. I'm having the same issue. I have 2 fresh drives, added them to drivepool, then started copying files to the new Drivepool drive. Server crashed mid-way, don't understand if because of drivepool or not, then I launched drivepool again and left it on overnight, when I woke up it said starting service (7 hours), and it got in eventually. Now I stopped the service and re-started it, it shows me 12 minutes into waiting. I followed Q2299585B, but still no luck, might need to re-install it. Version
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