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  1. Hi. Sorry of this info is available elsewhere, I searched for it and found nothing. --- Background --- Scanner was warning me of bad sectors on a drive. I copied all data out of it (with FastCopy, CRC checked) and 3 files were unreadable. Scanner only showed two of these files, tried data recovery, got one of them back. Did CHKDSK /X /R which failed to get the sector data ("not enough diskspace available to recover...") - 100GB available on the filesystem, BTW. Good job, Microsoft. Slow-formatted the drive. Redid CHKDSK /X /R which now marked 8KB in bad sectors. --- Issue --- Scanner still has the old drive statistics and won't let go. I want to rescan the drive and filesystem for bad sectors, starting from zero as if it was a new disk. How can I do this?
  2. OK, I'll answer this myself - Oh, did this make me oh so very confident on StableBit's support... After some reading about the error, I found lots of mentions to dependency mismatches when migrating a x86 Visual Studio project to x64. Tried "Dependency Walker" on the Cove.Unmanaged.dll and found lots of links to libraries identified as x64 Created a new VM with Win7x64. Installed DrivePool x64. It doesn't show the error. So, from my understanding, as of now, DrivePool is broken on Win7x86 (32bits).
  3. I'm testing DrivePool on a VirtualBox Win7x86 instance. After adding drives to the pool, I tried removing them, but I got an error. Uninstalled DrivePool, following the steps in Q3017479, installed all Windows updates, uninstalled .NET 4.5.1 from DrivePool Setup, installed .NET 4.7.2 from the Microsoft offline installer, and then reinstalled DrivePool. The drives were recognized and added to the pool, despite having deleted all ProgramData, %APPDATA% and Registry settings. But still this error appears when I try removing a drive from the pool The error translation is ": not a valid Win32 application" I'm using the trial license, but I don't want to move the trial to my "live" machine until I am sure that these issues won't happen. Or at the very least how I can manually remove the pool configuration from each drive without having to reformat the detached drive, because I haven't found a wiki article for it. Thank you for any help.
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