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  1. I run windows server 2016 with 10 hdds and 4 small SSDs - 15TB total usable DP pool with 2x3TB hdds parity using snapraid. The really stupid thing is, I’m only sitting on 2tb of data. I plan on repurposing the drives into an old Synology NAS and keep it as an off-site backup. So, I’m just wandering if anyone has done the following and can give me advice: Create 2x Raid 0 between 2x 1TB SSDs = 4TB in total between 4 drives using stablebit drivepool (will only be mirroring a couple of directories) and then have 2x 3TB parity drives with snapraid. Goals: 1. Reduce idle watts from spinning HDDs 2. Saturate 10GbE link (hopefully Raid 0 SSDs can do this) - with a goal of being able to edit 4K off it 3. Protect against bitrot with snapraid daily scrubs Data redundancy is not my main issue as I have a number of backups + cloud + offsite. One advantage I can see is that I can grown this NAS by adding 2 SSDs in RAID 0 at a time
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