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  1. Yes I thought that as well that's why I resized the drive to a smaller size thinking that would make it max 900GB but it didn't help and now I can't upload anything more because I fear I will reach the limit.
  2. Hello, I am in need of help in this matter: I had a 975 GB cloud drive set up on my OneDrive for Business account and I deleted some old files then uploaded new ones. Then in the Storage Metrics on OneDrive I noticed that the size of the cloud drive folder reached 993 GB so I paused uploading immediately. I then resized the drive to 900 GB to try to fix the problem, it resized correctly and cleaned up except that my Storage Metrics page is still showing 993 GB used! Hopefully there is something I can do to reduce the size because I'm only actually using ~700 GB of the space and whenever I uplo
  3. Hello, I have set up a Cloud drive on OneDrive for Business and when I access my OneDrive account on the website I can see a " StableBit CloudDrive " folder then a "CloudPart" folder inside. Now my question is: is it possible to change the names of these folders to something less obvious, maybe a randomly generated string of characters? Thanks.
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