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  1. I recently tried duplicating a portion of my unduplicated files in my home movies folder. I am getting an error: "The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable" on all the video files on a certain drive (The files are spread between two drives). However, when I play them they play just fine. I also ran a CHKDSK on the hard drive all of these files are located on and it found no problems as shown below. SMART status shows drive is perfectly fine. What now? EDIT: I have set every single folder to 1x (no duplication). However, there are still 350GB of duplicated files. I have yet to find all the duplicated files, because I have to find them all manually. dpccmd.exe is spitting out that there are no duplicated files on my drivepool, yet I can see them plain as day. It's like drivepool is ignoring these files. EDIT2: At this point, my Drivepool drive opens so slowly in Windows explorer that I can no longer use it. In fact, it causes Windows explorer to crash. Browsing my files through any of my mounted drives directly works perfectly. EDIT3: Uninstalling Drivepool, restarting the computer twice, and reinstalling the BETA version seems to have fixed most of the problem thank goodness. Upon launch, Drivepool deduplicated 328GB of files. However, there are still 22GB of duplicated files that I cannot locate. dpccmd.exe still unable to locate them. These duplicated files should not be here. Also, all of the 22GB of duplicated files appear on the GUI on disk G:\. How can they be duplicated if they are only on one disk?
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