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    OK. As the title suggests I'm not happy. After 10 days of carefully defragging my 70TB of media (largely 8TB drives), I decided to reinstall my server and have a fresh start on my optimized storage. All neatly organized with full shows that have ended, filling up three 8TB archive drives. What happens? As someone who has zero interest in the inbuilt balancers and only uses the "Ordered File Placement" plugin, what I didn't expect after reinstalling the OS and then Drivepool was for the fact that every default balancer is enabled by default and ludicrously balancing itself is enabled by default. Why would anyone think that that's a good idea? By the time it's even possible to set a single pool to MY required settings it's already ripped plenty of files from a full 8TB hard drive cos well hey, I guess the whole world wants their drives " leveled out." In which case just remove the "Ordered File Placement" plugin from being available and I will know that DriveBender is the way to go. Like i said all this with the first pool so by the time I get to the 3rd pool? I guess it's my own fault for reinstalling my server....not!! Sorry but I'm pissed off right now! ...(mutters to himself)


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