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Cloud Drive(local network share) & Drive pool as a pool to duplicate data from one server to another

Chris Sykes



I have the Cloud Drive on Trial to see if this solution is going to suit me else I will be removing Drive pool and going to RAID drives to allow DFSR.

My situation is 1x Windows Essentials Server 2016 running Drive pool with 3x 4TB & 1x 3TB drives as a pool, this pool has majority of shares/folders duplicated to aleviate a drive failure. One folder however is not duplicated (Client Backups) as duplicating this causes issues with the database. I have a 2x server with 4x 12TB drives running a Windows Hyper-V 2019 server with a guest running Windows Server Standard 2019, this is a 2nd Domain Controller and as such I would like to duplicate the data across from the Essentials server to the standard server. As DFSR doesnt work with Drive Pool I am looking at alturnatives before biffing off some of the Drives from Drivepool and RAIDing them and therefor allowing DFSR to work with those drives.

So far I have created the Cloud Drive to look at a Shared folder on the DC server, creating the drive in Cloud Drive and then I struggle with the Drive Pool side, I can obviously add it to the current pool but this wont suit as I would have to set all folders to have multiple duplications so using my storage. I have also tried adding the Cloud Drive to a seperate pool and then with the current pool (so Pool A & B ) and also as a seperate pool, then pooling both the seperate pools together (Pool A, Pool B, Pool A & B ).

The issue I have is both scenarios the pool is greyed out as if the Data in the current pool is not "readable" and as such doesnt allow that data to be duplicated accross to the Cloud Drive pool. 

Is there a guide on such a situation as I have searched on this a few times and found something where manual intervention is required, this is something I would prefer to avoid if possible.

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