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Will not check file system on my drives



I have eight drives, all brand new, that I ran a surface scan on when I got them.  (I formatted them NTFS, assigned a drive letter and ran surface scans)

Once complete I add all eight to a DrivePool.  I now have them mounted in a folder instead of with a drive letter.

When I check "Mark all file systems good" on one of the disks so that it will kick off a file system scan, it says it is scanning file system, runs for awhile and then says the disk is healthy.  But when I look it shows for the file scan "At least one file system has not been checked for problems on this disk"

It does this on all 8 disks.

Is there a way to get this working right? Is there some other way to tell if the file scan is failing, like a log?

It would be nice to see all 3 green checkmark's and know things are good.

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I figured this out and wanted to post in case someone runs into it in the future.

Back when I was troubleshooting a Storage Spaces issue I saw a bunch of errors in Event Viewer related to the Volume Shadow Copy service so to eliminate that as a potential issue I disabled the service.

With this service disabled, The File System scan will look like it is running fine but never mark it as done.  No errors or anything.  Perhaps developers could do a check to make sure that service is running and let you know if it is not?

Anyways, click start, type in services.msc and scroll down to the Volume Shadow Copy service, open it and make sure it is set to start automatically.  Once that is done and it starts, the file scan will work as it should.



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