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Combining multiple mounted Google Workspace "drives" into one

Mike Hope


Hi, I'm trying to consolidate multiple mounted Google drives and can't seem to find out how to do so, if it's even possible.

I've been using CloudDrive for years, beginning when I created my first Google mounted cloud drive connected to an encrypted Google Workspace Drive. A few years back I filled it up (never thought that would happen!)... so I created a new larger drive by resizing the drive, which I finally also filled this past year. Most recently I made a third drive ... but each of these drives are their own local drive letter that Windows thinks are separate drives even though they're all saved to the same Google acct (which CloudDrive recognizes as one big pie chart showing the total drive size of all three separately mounted Windows drives)

What I'm wanting to do is combine all the files I have on the three drives into one drive and then ditch and free up the smaller older drives. But I can't figure out how to do that. I tried detaching and reattaching the drive but it created three separate drives again.

Any ideas on how I can consolidate my existing three Windows drives into one? Many thanks. 

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