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Found 1 result

  1. My HTPC is a mess and I've finally decided to increase storage and try and get my media in order. Word of warning, I'm very very new to software raid and hardware controllers but for the most part, after a lot of reading, I think I get it. Windows 10 PC upgraded from Win 7 Supermicro SAS2LP-MV8 controller (JBOD) 4 Hitachi 3tb 4 WD Green 2tb 2 128gb ssd 1 for OS, 1 spare 1 WD Black 1tb used with the SSD as an assist drive for Desktop and Libraries and some programs Storage is for tv/movie, games (Steam Library is around 4tb) and home pc back ups and such. Nothing outside the home, only local streaming. Anyway... I have zero redundancy. I lost a couple drives in the past and trying to replace the content was a real pain. I just don't have the time anymore (or Bandwidth for cloud services) so I decided to invest into redundancy. 3 X 6tb WD Reds just arrived so I should be good for a while, I think. My HTCP can house all the drives no problem. So I have a few questions: Will DrivePool work with Kodi (XBMC)? Meaning, will I be able to tell Kodi where the media is after DrivePool does it's thing. I read in another post somewhere that DrivePool and Plex don't get along because of "Hardlinks"..... whatever that is. Sonarr, Sickbeard are a couple other programs that I might use once in a while. Sonarr is great for organizing my media. And what about my controller, SAS2LP-MV8? Anyone have any issues with this controller and DrivePool? Originally I stumbled on to unRaid and thought "Wow, thats what I need!" but after a lot of research I found that my controller card didn't quite get along with unRaid. This opened up the door to other software programs, which I had no idea exsisted, DrivePool SnapRaid FlexRaid Storage Spaces ect. So I thought it would be best to ask a few questions before investing the time. Thanks for your help.
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