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Found 2 results

  1. Teknokill

    Lost everything

    I went to open Calibre and an error message popped up and said that the calibre library location isn't available. I then noticed that there was no drivepool. I opened Stablebit drivepool and noticed that one disk went bad, but instead of having all of my other 7 disks I don't even have a drivepool. The Stablebit DRivepool program was asking me to start a new drivepool, which should not have happened. I decided to just begin another drivepool, but as I added the disks to the drivepool, none of the folders and files were being shown. The disks look like they were all wiped clean. Windows Disk management reflects the same thing. I would like to recreate my drivepool, but I guess the pool configuration information cannot be located or indexed. Is this fixable? The disks only show a poolpart file and nothing else. I have a very good hard drive restore program, should I just scan each disk and try to recover all of my files. This looks like a nightmare at this point. I did notice that when I discovered I no longer had my files I did notice that the stablebit service was not running. I re-started the service, which still resulted in not being able to see any of my files or folders.
  2. I've been running DrivePool, and Stablebit Scanner. Single pool of 4 3TB drives, on Windows 8.1. I've set folder options to show hidden and system files. I removed one of the drives from the pool, and DrivePool dutifully transferred its files off the disk. An identical disk has been re-added to the pool. Subsequently, I noticed the following on two of the remaining drives: Within the primary pool partition folder there has appeared another pool partition folder with the same GUID, and within this folder, another folder with the same GUID, and so on, five levels deep. There is also a .covefs folder in each of these nested folders. Is this normal? I ask partly because I've been unable to delete another, separate, multi-nested folder structure on the pool (file not present errors), and am concerned there might be some type of creeping file system corruption going on. Chkdsk and Scanner scans are OK, however.
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