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Found 2 results

  1. Hi there, I've been using Drive Pool on WHS2011 for a few years now and a few junctions between folders on the same pool. I've noticed that one of the junctions has disappeared and I cannot re-create it anymore. Other junctions are still there and working ok as expected. When trying to create new junction I'm getting an error message that an NTFS drive is required for this operation. Anybody has faced similar problem before? How can I fix it? Is there a way to break the pool and recreate it? Maybe this would fix the problem? Thanks, Adam
  2. Is anybody else getting a blue screen of death creating a symlink or junction on a pool in the latest betas? I'm running Server 2012 R2 and build 615 of DrivePool and I get a SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION whenever I try to create a junction or symlink. I reverted back to the last official release (build 561) and it works correctly again. Not sure on what build the BSOD behavior started. Getting ready to keep trying newer versions until the the problem recurs. Just wondering if it's a problem isolated to me and my setup or if this is a more general problem.
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