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Found 1 result

  1. Hey Guys, I got slow transfers with Google Drive, and set the threads to 12 up and 12 down. This worked for a while and everything was a bit faster. For the last two days, I have been getting countless Rate Limit Exceeded exceptions, even running 1 up and 1 down thread. I check out online in the Google Drive API guides and found a bit about exponential backoff. So a few questions/thoughts: Is exponential backoff implemented for the Google Drive provider? If I set the provider to use say 12 up and 12 down threads, do they all get blasted out using multiple requests at the same time? (causing rate limit exceptions later on)? Would it work to have something like a 'request gatekeeper' where you can set your own rate limits client side so that no matter how many threads you run, it always obeys that limit you set, and so that there is a 'master exponential backoff' in place? Is there at all a possibility to look at the provider implementation code? Or is this fully baked into the product? It'd be good if there was an API to allow anyone to build their own providers. Thanks for a good product! EDIT: Also, how will all the rate limiting work if you added say 5 Google Drives, each with 12 threads up and down? Quite quickly you will be making a TON of requests...
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