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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, My StableBit Scanner seems to be showing an inconsistency between the current temperature reading and the recent temporary history, like so: Over the summer I disabled auto scanning for a short while and only recently re-enabled it again. It's set to scan outside the normal auto scanning window if those drives haven't been scanned in 14 days (default) and so, to keep the temperatures low (it's not terribly hot but since it's constantly scanning...) I thought today I'd open the cupboard door where the server sits (only a HP MicroServer) and open the front panel and blow a small fan towards it. Just until it catches up. The temperature dropped from 39C-ish to 32C, but the temperature history is still showing 39C! If I scroll back in time, the temperature does seem to vary for all drives - between 31 and 39C, depending on which drive is being scanned (I guess) - but the current temperature doesn't reflect in the most recent temperature history entries. The 250GB HP brand (Seagate under the hood?) OS drive doesn't have temperature history. I have 3x 3TB WD Reds plus 1x 6TB WD Red, which do. All WD Red's have mis-matched temp. readings. Is there a simple explanation here, which I'm missing? Many thanks,
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