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Found 2 results

  1. I'm having significant problems with the DrivePool hanging for minutes on basic things like showing the contents of a folder in Explorer. So far I cannot figure out how to locate the source. For instance today I opened a command prompt and simply tried to switch to the DrivePool's drive (i.e. I typed X: into the command prompt.) That caused the command prompt to freeze for several minutes. While it was frozen in that command prompt I opened up a second command prompt and switched to each of the underlying drives, and even listed out a hundred thousand or so files and folders on each of the source drives. So, it feels like the DrivePool drive is hanging for something independent of the source drives. On the other hand I don't know what that something else could be as in my quest to troubleshoot this I have setup a brand new computer with a clean fresh install of everything including DrivePool. The only thing I transferred was the source drives. Yet the problem followed the drives to the new computer. StableBit Scanner reports that all the underlying drives are in great shape, and so far I can't find any logs that report problems. How can I root out the source of this problem? Oh and I did also try the StableBit Troubleshooter. However, it hung infinitely at collecting system information (Infinity defined as well over 80 hours of trying). Also the hanging seems to be intermittent. I might go a day or so without or it might happen every few minutes. I have utterly failed to identify triggers so far.
  2. I tried to fill out the contact form but it is not working. I just upgraded my HP EX495 with Q9550S cpu and 4gb of ram. I performed a clean install of WHS2011, with all windows updates. installed Drivepool and Scanner. Moved my server folders from D:/ to the drivepool E:/ and added the rest of my drives and copied all of my data over. Everything seems fine until I run Newleecher. After I select some blurays to download and check back in a few hours I find that newleecher and the server is locked up completely. I cannot even end the task. Have to hard reboot. I performed a second clean install, all windows updates but this time I did not copy any data to the drive pool. Installed Newsleecher and proceeded to download blurays. Same problem. When the end task fails for newsleecher.exe I tried to log off the RDP session instead of a hard reboot. The error I receive is "please wait for the system Event Notification service" I noticed when I click my computer the c:/ drive show a blue drive storage status indicator showing how much space is free, but when you look at E:/ where the drive pool is and where newsleecher.exe was downloading to there is no indicator and the drivepool is not accessible. I did a lot of searching and research on this issue and did not find anyone replicating this. But since I saw that the drive pool was not accessible when the server locked up while downloading large files with newsleecher.exe, I uninstalled drivepool and scanner, removed the drives and started all over with drive bender. With drive bender creating and managing the pool I have failed at making the system crash with newsleecher.exe. All seems to be fine. So I am just wonder why there is a conflict between Newsleecher and Drivepool/Scanner. I have use the latest final release and the beta of Newsleecher, same result.
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