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Found 2 results

  1. I currently have a setup using Google Workspace, StableBit DrivePool, and Cloud Drive. I recently received notification from Google stating that I will no longer be permitted to exceed their allotted storage limit of 5TB. However, I am currently utilizing over 50TB of storage. In just one month, my service with Google will be transitioned to read-only mode. Considering my familiarity with DrivePool, I am concerned about the potential for drive corruption if I continue using the service until I find a suitable alternative. I need help to determine if my drive would be at risk of getting corrupted during this transitional period?
  2. I think my questions better fits here and I don't seems to be able to find an answer yet, so assuming I have 6 google drive account (Don't ask how and why =) ) and I'm making them as cloud drive with 10TB each, currently I use 3 cloud drive as one pool (with 3x duplication) for plex media and another 3 cloud drives (with 3x duplication) for other stuff that I would like to backup on the cloud. My question is, should I really split them into 2 pool (with 3x each duplication) or should i pool all 6 cloud drive account into one giant pool and manage them using 3 or even 4 file duplication? Thing is all my data are currently store in my unraid server which I cannot mount them to drivepool (and I don't want to use iscsi). So all I really want is more like a back up of all my data but I still need redundancy incase google stop any of my account or cloud drive get corrupted like before or any other reason that I might lost some data from some of drive. so i really want to know which way will give me better performance on both upload and download assuming bandwidth is not a problem (and within the 750gb google limit)...anyone can give me a hint on this? and sorry for my pool English hope you guys understand what I'm talking about..hehe
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