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Found 3 results

  1. Ok, so I read up on a lot of things. Several Questions and what can I do to fix this isn't getting me anywhere. Stablebit Scanner detected a damaged drive - I duplicated what I could, bar went green, removed drive, some files couldn't be moved, erroring out, had to choose the option for Fast Removal - Placed new drive inside - All went well until the duplication process came to play. Error with a limited list of files unable to duplicate (which I am not understanding why since the files are there, and supposedly "unhidden" and can be accessed, why can't this get duplicated.... is
  2. Hello all, So i will try to summarize as much as i can. I run my drivepool on WD RED drives, about 5 of them, i had 1 fail on me in the past and now a 2nd seems to have done the same. Im not sure why they are failing so much, i thought they were the best but the desktop pc i have them all cramped in is probably not the best place for and i dont have the vibration absorbing screws or anything special so maybe thats why. Is his failure message a result of drivepool and the drives are actually not damaged ? i will post a screen shot, my drives show lots of space, but 1 drive is completely em
  3. I had to remove a HD that was beginning to fail, but hadn't yet. Drive unmounted and the data was relocated within the pool with no errors. I installed a new WD red 6TB. When the pool balanced I got a warning that a file in my public folder, pcb9ba61-b326-4dcc-adbd-9b030d996cd6d.jim caused the operation to fail because the oplock request is denied. Did my best to be sure nothing is open but I can't even find this file in my public directory. Would probable be fine if I could find it and delete it or even better figure out why it won't duplicate. Any suggestions. Using ver. 2.1.1561 --
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