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Found 3 results

  1. skapy

    copying cloud 1:1

    Hello, I want to copy my amazon cloud drive to google drive. Is it possible to clone it 1:1? Copying all folders and files takes too long because amazon cloud drives gets after some time disconnect from stablebit clouddrive and it needs me to click manually on "retry". Is it possible to clone with rclone or similair tools the whole acd stablebit cloudrive to gdrive? thanks!
  2. Hello, First off I want to say thanks to this great community for any help that can be given. I've been using Drive pool since the early beta period and have never had any issues until now. I have a WHS2011 with 7 hard drives. My single 250 OS drive was starting to fail, so I made a 2 x 500gb mirrored RAID 1 array, and cloned the OS over to it, and removed the original 250gb failing disk. WHS booted up and everything seemed just fine until I tried to access a server folder from another computer and got a "This device is not ready" error. When I went on the server to investigate, the backup folder was missing so I allowed WHS to recreate it. The drives are still in the pool, however it looks like all the folders are not included in the pool any longer. It also looks like the pool may have been corrupted, because the free space is shown as unknown. Does anyone have any ideas what may have happened, as well as what the best way to fix this might be? Is there something I'm overlooking that I missed as a step? I've attached screen shots of all the pages of Drive Pool. Let me know if any other information might be needed. Thank you in advance! Chris
  3. First, thanks in advance for a really well-managed support forum - it speaks well of both the product and the community. Didn't find this scenario in the existing content: I would like to upgrade one of my smaller pooled drives to a larger version. If I clone the existing drive (so, same label, same content, just appears a lot bigger) - will DrivePool remain blissfully unaware (and take on the new space automagically)? It'd be done offline. Thanks!
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