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Found 2 results

  1. Hi there, I'm in an unusual situation now. I think it is due to HomeGroups having screwed up permissions on my Shares - which were OK, until I made a mistake. Or maybe DrivePool has become totally busted and these are coincidental issues. So I need to repair the situation. I have purposely NOT used HomeGroups prior to Windows 8.1 on my clients, but apparently, WHS 2011 cannot properly share music and videos into Xbox Music / Video unless those shares are part of a HomeGroup. It sort of explains why my music was always half in / out of "streaming" or "cloud" etc. Here's my first mistake: I created a HomeGroup on Windows 8.1, but JOINED it in WHS 2011 via the Networks and Sharing panel, NOT the Dashboard (I totally forgot that the feature was there). Well, that started to work... but then stopped. I unjoined the HomeGroup, then re-Joined via the Dashboard and got a much better looking set of options with all the WHS Shares that DrivePool knows about. That seemed to start working, but never really completed. Ever. Now the WHS Dashboard will open and sometimes the Server Folders and Hard Drives tab will populate (at first run), and sometimes will not. The little "running animation" on top of the "Pool Condition" gauge never ceases to animate even if it is populated. So I think DrivePool is somehow damaged. DrivePool support info: I ran the "NTFS Permissions Reset" tool from the WSS support page, and also reset all my Media Information. Other items about Sharing: In the Advanced Sharing Setup, I have selected "Use the same Windows Accounts for HomeGroups (recommended)" now (it wasn't before). And I have enabled sharing there, but not streaming. Streaming is enabled in the WHS Dashboard Settings (which I think is correct). The result is that no shares at all are available anywhere, even if they appear in the Dashboard (e.g. via Network, or the WHS Web site). I also get a 8004008A error on certain folders if I look at the Sharing Tab from the "View Folder Properties" on the Server Folders and Hard Drives tab. My theoretical fix: Make a new temporary share in WHS / Drive Pool (e.g. zVideos). Move contents of a broken share into there (e.g. move via TeraCopy). Delete broken share in Dashboard (?). Create new, good share with good name (e.g. D:\Videos) Move to DrivePool (-> Z:\Videos which is where it was) Lather, rinse repeat... But right now, operations in the Dashboard don't actually work... like "Move the Folder" starts with "Calculating the folder size" and nothing happens. Help?
  2. This is a totally noob question I know, but I'm a total noob to DrivePool, so it's ok. After recently losing my 4 year old WHS server (HP EX475) to a system drive failure, I decided to convert my home network to Windows 8 (based on some very helpful suggestions from the folks on the WHS forum). So now I have a new server, I've installed DrivePool, set up the pool (1 2TB and 1 4TB), and I've copied all of my data from the old server drives into the pool. But so far I haven't seen anything about what the more experienced users here consider the best method for sharing the pool. Should I just share the pool "drive" over my workgroup (all the machines in my network are on the same workgroup)? Should I create a Homegroup and share it that way? I've avoided using Homegroup so far as I fear being locked out of functionality that may not be under the Homegroup umbrella. Is there another method I'm unaware of? I have 10 non-phone devices in my network: 5 Windows 8.1 (1 server, 1 desktop, 1 laptop, 2 tablets), 4 Windows 7 (all desktops), and an iPad (?? I don't know, I had weak moment ). Any suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks, Rm
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