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Found 1 result

  1. I'm assembling a computer this weekend. I was originally going to build 2 computers, 1 home machine, and 1 server. Budget restraints have brought me down to just one machine, and I'm going to run DrivePool and have the pool be a share for several devices in the house. I currently have: 4TB Seagate NAS Drive (ST4000VN000, never used) 2TB WD Green (2 years old) 1TB WD Green (5 years old) 1TB WD Green (5 years old) All the drives are still working with no errors, but I was going take out the two 1TB drives and add another 4TB drive since they are at the 5 year mark. I was never able to use the 4TB seagate because my old machine wouldn't recognize the drive so I can't speak on it's reliability. Are there any drives that work better with DrivePool? I'm going to be duplicating most things, but reliability is important. I've looked in to enterprise drives but some reviews say they aren't desktop drives and shouldn't be used as such. This isn't technically a NAS even though other devices will be accessing the pool. The machine will be on 24x7. Should I go cheap with a green drive, a nas drive, or enterprise drive? Thanks.
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