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Found 3 results

  1. I tried to install the SSD Optimizer plug-in, but when I run the .exe I get the error message "StableBit DrivePool 2.X needs to be installed before installing this plug-in." I have DrivePool 64 bit, on Windows 8 x64, and I used "DrivePool.SSDOptimizerPlugin.Setup_1.0.2.3_x64.msi" from the main website. Any ideas?
  2. So today I added two 120GB SSD's to my system. I added them to my pool, selected them as SSD drives, turned off all of the other balancers, yet when I copy files to my drivepool, I can watch in the Drivepool interface, the files just copy to my archive drives and never even touch the SSD's? Update: I think I got this working, I had removed the drive letters from the drives in Disk Management and after giving them a drive letter , it seems to be working. I did have another question though, I dont like to have a lot of drive letter cluttering up my explorer, so I created a pool with the 2 ssd's and added them to my main pool, removed the drive letters from the individual drives so now the only drive that shows is the "pooled" ssd cache drives. I know I have read that you really should be using 2 ssd's for this to work well, and while I do have 2 ssd's , they now look like 1 to DrivePool. Will that matter?
  3. HI, The SSD Optimizer plugin - only lets you designate the whole SSD drive. Now that larger SSD's are more readily and cheaply available - i have a 2 TB drive - but split into two partitions. The idea is to use a smaller partition (300GB) for caching, and the remainder (1.6TB) for normal storage. However - i cannot configure this, as the optimizer see's and tags the whole disk as the cache drive - not just the partition(s). The only workaround so far - is to use file placement rules to place certain folders on the larger SSD partition. Could this be addressed in an update?
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