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Found 1 result

  1. I'm wanting to check something before I start working on a project; Currently I'm running DrivePool with 4 drives on a Windows 10 machine. I want to convert this machine to a Linux host, install Windows 10 as a guest using VirtualBox, share my four drives to have read/write access between the host/guest machine, and then run DrivePool from within the Windows 10 guest to manage these drives. Virtualbox mounts the shared drives as network drives. Does anyone see possible issues with using DrivePool in this way? I don't have a huge performance demand, so read/write delays are OK. I'm just more worried about DrivePool even being able to manage networked drives in this way. I enjoy the product and find it an effective alternative to what I was using RAID for. I also have to much data on these four drives to off-load and re-establish as a RAID array under Linux. So I'm trying to do a work around to allow me to continue using the program within a virtual machine, with a few other Windows only programs I can't part with. Also, with the above example, would I need to remove the drives from my pool prior to reformatting the current Windows machine? Or would DrivePool find the data when I re-add them as a new pool, once everything is setup under the VirtualBox guest machine?
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