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Found 1 result

  1. Well, I've been contemplating this for years but I've only just now come across DrivePool, which is exactly what I've been hoping for! I got a little excited when Windows 8 was released and Storage Spaces looked like what I was after, however I discovered its (unacceptable) flaws after some research, then stumbled upon DrivePool! First, my current system started as a large gaming/CAD workstation and has since ballooned into an always on media server too. Now, I'm really struggling for space and SATA ports (I have installed PCI to SATA adapters, PCI to USB and then to USB to SATA adapters, HDD docks, etc etc). The system runs fairly well and performs fine but I've decided to build a dedicated system with plenty of space, room to expand and lower power consumption. Just for interest, the current system is: OS: W7 Pro 64 CPU: Core i7 920 with Noctua NH U12P cooler MOBO: ASUS P6T-Deluxe GRAPHICS: Dual Radeon HD 5850 (running 4 screens, 3x23", 1x42") CASE: Silverstone Raven case RAM: 6GB triple channel RAM An SSD for the system drive About 10-12 mech drives ranging from 2 to 4TB - a range of brands and speeds (Seagate, Samsung, Hitachi, WD). I have a 10 Gb switch running to several devices, including PC's, gaming consoles and an IP camera, wireless router (for laptops and mobile phones) I've built a few PC's in the past (including this one) without any issues, but I'm no IT guy - well, nothing formal anyway, just tinkering. The idea of a server has always seemed "too professional" for me, but after some research over the past few days, I reckon I can handle it. I don't like the idea of hardware RAID due to the drive limitations (I have a very multi-cultural collection of drives), which is where DrivePool will fit my needs perfectly. This is my current plan for my build: OS: W7 Pro 64 (Maybe W8 Pro 64) MOBO: Asus H97-Plus GRAPHICS: Use the onboard CPU: Intel Corei5 4590 RAM: 16GB kit (2x8GB) G.Skill Ares DDR3 1600 CONTROLLER: Highpoint RocketRAID 2740 16ch CASE: Norco RPC-4224 in a 12RU cabinet PSU: Thermaltake Toughpower 850W NETWORK: 24 port managed switch UPS? HDD: I've got a spare SSD that I'll use for the system, then transplant my mech drives over onto the controller using breakout cables If I need to add future drives I will add in Highpoint Rocket EJ340 expanders - which I have a question about. Can I just keep daisy chaining EJ340's together? What happens to speed performance? Also, I briefly saw something on a "landing spot" or something, where files are initially copied to an SSD before being re-distributed to the pool. This is an awesome idea and will probably end up taking advantage of this. Is there any way to kind of do the reverse? i.e. select a few files or folders in the pool and "mark" them for the landing zone because I know I will be transferring them to an external drive later or streaming them later? Another question and a reason why I've been hesitant to put up a server; is there any decent "network recycling bin" type software around? I don't like the idea of deleting something over the network and then that file is gone forever. So that is my build plan, what do you guys think? I've done some research, but I really don't want to have made some fundamental mistake, buy the parts and THEN realise I've messed up. Any input is appreciated, also any suggestions on a cheaper solution would be great!
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