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  1. I get it on all drives, including SSDs :/
  2. Hi there, I am using CloudDrive for around a year and it's been very useful for me. However, I outsourced a video collection to the cloud now and will need some of those files locally every now and then. The issue is, that the speed to copy those files back to my PC is around 1Mb/s only. The download itself is faster according to CloudDrive, it downloads at max speeds, but the transfer itself is going very slow. I've tried to use the windows transfer and then SyncBackPro, which is usually quite good, but is just as slow as windows. Any ideas why that is? Or is it normal?
  3. Hi all, I just bought CloudDrive and everything was good until I unmounted a drive because the size wouldnt update (changed from 10 tb to 100tb). I tried remounting the drive and it gives constant errors now, like the drive was forced to shutdown and once it reconnects it uploads something to the drive (i dont remember uploading anything to THAT drive) and when pinning the data, it usually crashes again and gives the forced shutdown message. I can see that it mentions that some chunk couldnt be read for some reason. provider is google drive. Any idea why it does it? i did
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