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    This is good information. The issue with webfilter concerns me........I am going to wait a bit for you to fully test out the webfilter, since that is the main reason for me to put together a Sophos box. I have been reading on the forums about the need for more RAM, and also there have been some issues with Atom processors when a lot of features are being used.
    It seems that a lot of people report real good performance with a core i3, although I don't know how much it would cost to put something together with that.
    I will have a pretty heavy duty firewall and web filter in Sophos, with a very large blacklist/whitelist, so I need more research before I get that unit from Newegg. I need to know it will work well.
    I see you've been chatting with someone over at HSS forum, he is talking about lag times. Others have talked about extended ping times with the web filter enabled. So far I haven't found food answers for this. Some have suggested a setting that pulls the web filter database to the local machine instead of going out to the Sophos server with each request. Maybe you'll figure it out!
    I'm really thinking of going with untangle in the meantime because I have a friend who uses it full-time. Once I'm familiar with this type of setup then can migrate to the more powerful Sophos.
    Unless you can convince me it will work [emoji56]. I have a high latency rural dsl connection, so this issue with the web filter making it anyway slower is a big deal for me....
    Keep me posted, I really appreciate it!
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