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  1. You'll probably have to say what provider you're using.
  2. You're right, it's a borderline use case. Though torrenting has many very useful legal uses for distributing files as it's often the fastest method, and I don't believe that specific bans should be made against this application, it is more I/O random than abnormally intensive compared to alternative downloading methods (except for my use case due to high quantity of usage). With 13/10 threads, the clouddrive client rate limits only a portion of the time, and usually only when the connection has both in and out traffic flow. I find that RClone is very inefficient, and that is likely the
  3. You're absolutely right, it most certainly is, with many simultaneous file handles, and read write operations, it may be the true ultimate test of clouddrive. My current configuration, writing and reading directly to it is functional (as long as I avoid crashes which force rehashing). I'm unfortunately limited to an 80Gb SSD, with 40Gigs for cache, and the remainder is swap and upload que. These sizes can't practically go any larger without risking hitting the 5Gb free space limit that throttles clouddrive. This configuration has worked for over 1Tb of torrenting data in the past 4
  4. It's also worth elaborating more on performance of the clients. As they all (rtorrent, utorrent, deluge, qbittorrent) follow a similar and fairly odd behavior. For starters, even with Background I/O turned off, any form of clouddrive reads substantially impacts performance, up to causing a complete stall in the torrent clients if it is too many parallel reads. When first started, the client will download quite quickly, as high as the max link speed (20MiBs for me) but will very quickly slow down to my sustained clouddrive speeds (about 5-7MiBs). During that initial burst, the up
  5. First off, I want to say that I'm a trial user of 854, and am deeply impressed by this software; however, there is one major issue standing in the way of my use case. I have tried 4 different torrent clients, downloading and uploading directly from a CloudDrive. They all work reasonably for a small amount of parallel torrent downloads, with overall download speed decreasing by about 66%. Reasonable overhead, and reasonable needing to limit the maximum simultaneous files being processed. However, when something does go wrong (inevitably, and frequently if too many torrents are downlo
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