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  1. Based on the feedback from the community, here is how to get your ESXi Host to pass on SMART data for Scanner in your guest VMs.


    All you need to do is the following and then any disk (not USB) you plugin in thereafter will be available for RDM:

    1. In the ESXi Console window, highlight your server
    2. Go to the Configuration tab
    3. Under Software, click Advanced Settings
    4. Click RdmFilter
    5. Uncheck the box for RdmFilter.HbaIsShared
    6. Click OK



    Used the Advanced Settings for StableBit Scanner to enable "UnsafeDirectIo" to get the SMART data from the virtual controller:


    And make sure that "UnsafeDirectIo" is set to "True", and reboot.

    *Note: UnsafeDirectIo is "unsafe" for a reason. It is possible that it can cause issues or glitches, or in extremely rare conditions it can cause BSODs. In a large majority of cases, these issues don't occur, but it is a possibility. So definitely "at your own risk".




    Original Post:

    Hi Guys,

    I have a Dell Precision T3500 Workstation, that are running VMware ESXi 5.1.0. On this host i have created 2 virtual machines, both are Windows 2012 server standard. One of these are running Stablebit Scanner v.


    My problem is, that it does not show SMART status, temperatures or anything for any of my drives. This i all the data i get (se picture). Is there something i need to install on my ESXi host, or is this just not possible on my setup, because i use VMware?



    This i what i have on the host server:


    Thank you in advance..

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