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  1. Hello,

    one of my 8 TB disk got unreadable sectors so I had it removed after DP evacuated data to other disks. So the other disks got rather full and I get warnings.

    Now I have added a new 8 TB disk to the pool.

    Will DP automatically even out my data to the new disk?

    So I don't get warnings of full disks?

    Thanks in advance


  2. Hello, it seems I can not manage my folder shares anymore. I think I have been.

    Whwn clicking the "Manage folders..." link I get a popup saying "Error switching to folders page", see attached screen shot.

    This is version on WHS 2011.

    Any help would be appreciated.



    folder error.png

  3. Thank you, I found the balancing options with your help.


    In order to minimize disk writing when adding a new (empty) disk, should I disable the Volume Equalization balancer?


    Will the effect be that the drives are filled in order, one by one?




    EDIT: I'm asking because I think I remember last time I added disks, data was moved from old disks to the new one(s),

    in order to have them all filled equally, (but I am not sure).

  4. Dear all,


    my chassi is full, no more drive bays nor SATA ports, so I have to expand my storage.


    I wonder if someone could advice me how to expand my storage.


    What technology should I use? (eSATA)


    What controller card?   It's a requirement to obtain SMART data to StableBit Scanner.


    External closure? (4 - 8 bays)


    My motherboard has 2 free PCI Express x16 and 1 PCI Express x4.


    Thanks in advance,



  5. I just tried the tree command, and it seems that it doesn't lists hidden directories,

    so you have to specify the full PoolPart directory name.


    I have a small batch file that lists my mounted drives with the DIR /S /B command each day.

    It works with hidden directories.



  6. Hello,


    suddenly the overview tab is measuring my pool incorrect:




    I have tried remeasured and restarted the DrivePool service, still wrong.


    In the pool tab it is correct.


    How can I correct this?


    Thanks in advance




    Though, one thing here. If you're going to be using a lot of larger files (eg, not pictures, but videos/ISOs/etc), then I would highly recommend formatting the drive and setting the Allocation Unite size to 64k. 





    just bought myself a Seagate 8 TB Archive disk. Just wondering about changing the default allocation unit size to 64k.


    Would a single small file use one allocation unit? Or could several small files share an allocation unit?


    I am asking since (my) video library consist of large (video) files together with small meta data files (.nfo, .jpg ..)


    Would you still recommend an allocation unit size of 64k?


    Thanks in advance



  8. Also, I would recommend not sharing the "D:\" drive at all. Unless you have a very good reason.

    And that is because, by default, Windows creates an "administrative" share for each of the drives, which you can find by using "\\SERVERNAME\d$\"


    Ah, I didn't know that, then I'll try to use \\SERVER\D$\ instead.



  9. Well, I'm glad to hear that at least.


    As for the issue, there are a few things that could have caused this issue though.

    When it was "not working", was it just displaying that in the dashboard? Or where the shares completely inaccessible from another system? 

    If it was just the dashboard, then the issue is with the "Windows Home Server Storage Manager" service, and not DrivePool or the Shared folders specifically.


    In fact, if you could grab, zip up and send me the entire "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Server\Logs" folder, I will take a look a them to see what is going on.

    Email them to me at "christopher@covecube.com".



    Thanks for looking into this.


    Yes in fact it was just showing "missing" in the Dashboard but all clients could access the shares.


    But as I said suddenly the showed up in the Dashboard and all pointing to my Drivepool, so it "fixed" itself.



    But... I still have a Dashboard warning "One or more pre-defined server folders are missing"

    but it doesn't says which one. 




    I email you the logs when I get back from work.


    Thanks in advance.



  10. Hello again,


    somehow mysteriously it fix itself,


    the shares show up in Dashboard and are accessible from clients.

    I cannot say I did anything obvious to fix it.


    Strange, consider it case closed.


    Thanks anyway.



  11. I could try the new versions, but I'd like to

    troubleshoot my current system first a bit.


    I think I have removed ServerFolders directory on D:

    and thus no "original" empty shares (Music, Videos....).


    Perhaps that is fooling WSS troubleshooter?



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