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  1. Any u guys use ultravnc just installed it on my machines. a lot more features than windows remote desktop connection and does not log off the machine u remote to. A big benefit to me over rdc. Not quite as snappy as rdc but pretty close. Seems pretty good let me know if u tried it or if u had any problems.
  2. you don't have storage spaces running already do you? Just trying to help I had no problems installing it..
  3. try uninstalling from program features in control panel. Then go to "c:\ ProgramData" it's a hidden folder and delete the "StableBit DrivePool" folder and reinstall. It's what I would try.
  4. I'm running it on windows 8 with no problems so far only windows 7 file recovery doesn't work to the pool but other than that every thing is very good. I'm running the latest beta 64 bit
  5. I would but my server does double duty as a media center pvr. It is in a bedroom I only use sometimes at night for TV and movies I don't pvr it just mostly buffers I do that on another machine. But if I ever choose to dedicate a sever totally that is a good choice. I have 5 other computers networked besides a couple laptops and the power from running all these computers begins to add up in a home office environment where the budget is thin.
  6. sspell

    My Non Rack Server

    Tried to build this as least expensive as possible and low power for a small desktop server and media center. I never seen your proposed setup Mr. Smartepants till your link. Funny how this is so similar but that is a budget project too. I'm getting around 40 to 60mbs high end out of it. The amd apu is indeed very good low cost, low power 65watt tdp cpu. I had most the hardware already running media center so most I had in it was to replace the case with the lian-li. That case is amazing with space for 3 @ 2.5 drives and 5 @ 3.5 drives and still be as small as it is. The motherboard only has 4
  7. sspell

    My Non Rack Server

    Started this thread seems the other one was for rack mounts This server also does double duty as a windows media center pvr. LIAN LI Model PC-Q25B Mini Server Case ASRock A75M-ITX Motherboard : Upgraded to Asrock FM2A85X-ITX Motherboard 7 sata ports wow!! AMD A4-3400 Llano APU : Upgrade to AMD A10-6700 Richland APU Intel Pro 1000 PT dual Network N.I.C. Corsair XMS3 1333 8gb Memory : Upgrade to Patriot Signature DDR3 1600 8gb Memory Agility 4 256gb ssd O.S. & Feeder Drive : Upgraded to Samsung 840 Pro 128gb SSD Crucial C300 128gb ssd Feeder Drive Seagate Barrac
  8. Ok will get to that soon. I like the duplication of drive pool and disk health checking of scanner if bare metal restore won't work from drive pool I still would like to store backups in drive pool. Then move the backups to a small drive to be restored on the machine that failed. . Windows 7 file recovery is throwing everything to the root of the backup dive anyway so multi machine backup could get complicated sorting out the files. I guess acronis is the way to go it keeps the files together in a folder of your choosing. Below screenshot of error. Oh I forgot to say this backup attempt was o
  9. I'm using the latest beta build v2.0.0.320. Windows7 file recovery works backing up to the root of a drive in the pool just not to the pool itself. Do you think copy and paste to the pool then folder duplication work? I have yet to try this. I just don't like the bloat of acronis on my computers. I have to say this is awesome software combined with the scanner. I'm not going to let this one issue stop me from buying your product. Makes windows8 a true server and media center machine in one.
  10. Hi I really like the software. I have installed and used it without issue so far save one. I'm running it under windows8 the problem I'm having is window7 file recovery won't backup to the pool it stops on creating an image of c: and errors backup did not complete successfully. Acronis 2013 works fine but I don't have that on all my computers yet. Are u aware of this or is it just my setup or maybe Microsoft hmmm?
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