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  1. have you set the peers in remote.default and opened port TCP 27515 in firewall. by the way mine was working now suddenly stopped again. I think my firewall is blocking it again for some reason.. I'll have to check it out kind of frustrating smb endpoint firewall that is..
  2. Yea I'm using Symantec smb endpoint protection probably why it didn't configure go figure...lol
  3. Well I found the issue with the remote drive pool. The firewall settings was blocking it so now fixed and it's working great sorry for not checking this problem out sooner.
  4. yes and yes but I'll double check everything
  5. wow! 387 had remote drive pool UI connection working great now with the 400 update no more remote control. I have all the peers set the same as in 387 in remote.default set exceptions for the program in firewall opened inbound and outbound ports TCP 27515 on server and client no luck. Any help appreciated. client win8 server whs2011. By the way it works fine in the server connector as a plugin but to me that is a slower process than the drive pool remote UI.
  6. ok I added two peers one with server name & default port and one with the server ip address and default port we'll see how that works so far so good...
  7. Noticed another quirk clicking the client computer when the server is not showing in the interface and trying to uncheck it brings up the server hmmm... at least I don't have to remote or reboot. I'll see if this continues as of now the server is showing on the interface.
  8. Issue has popped up on the latest beta release for me the remote client is not picking up the server whs2011. It occasionally does not show the server at all. A reboot solves the problem but somehow it's loosing the connection. Just me or anyone else.
  9. I'm using the latest 2x beta version on whs2011 and no problem. I like it with a copy as a remote on a client machine that I administer my server from. The remote drive pool client is much faster checking on the pool than the connector or remote desktop which you would have to use the latter because the 2x versions does not integrate with the dashboard. I also have been using tightvnc with the mirror driver for remote access got to love the gui interface. One thing on my wish list is the Scanner interface integrated to the remote drive pool client but not if it slows it down. Then we would hav
  10. well the feeder disk work both ways fetching and transmitting data to the archive disk. So the last data accessed should be on your feeders for fast retrieval otherwise it reverts to the slower archive disk. I'm thinking of the feeder disk as working as a cache. Maybe the guru from covecube could clarify this but that is my understanding of feeder disk.
  11. I don't know if I'm understanding this correctly or not but you feeders should contain data to access faster than the archive disk so your feeder disk should always have data on them. More than likely the last data you accessed from your drive pool. Or having fast ssd feeder drives would be of no use...
  12. I think you need two ssd feeder disk. One would work but two is optimal for duplicate folders. You really not getting as much a benefit from one ssd drive with file duplicates.
  13. Well I thank Mr_Smartepants for his post in my Non Rack Server that's what put me on to this board. And I have to say with the Richland A10 6700 apu this makes a rocking media server. I am very pleased with it and drive pool makes whs2011 a great server.
  14. yes the usb is native to the chipset I've tried all the drivers available with no luck. No that was not my review but I should give one so others would know what they getting into. I have not had any problems with the sata ports. using 6 of the 8 now. I just disabled the 3.0 usb and run the ports to 2.0 with no problem till they have good drivers available
  15. sspell

    License Transfer

    Thanks I already deactivated in windows 8 after adjusting the resolution text size to 100% I could see the dialogue deactivate box then.
  16. Anyone get the amd A75 chipset to work usb 3.0 in whs2011. This above motherboard with the A85X chipset apparently does not. AMD and Asrock driver support for this new chip is lacking. These are native usb 3.0 drivers to the chipset it provides 2 channels and 4 usb. Update: I just disabled usb 3.0 in the bios the ports now run at usb 2.0 so until drivers are available that's how it'll be...
  17. I know usb 3.0 can cause problems but I can't find a controller driver that works for the asrock fm2a85-itx motherboard and whs2011. This has the new Hudson d4 chip. So I guess this will be an issue till drivers are available. I tried the win 7 64bit drivers from asrock they have etron and asmedia. I don't know which this chipset uses but neither work and asrock documentation is lacking.
  18. sspell

    License Transfer

    I've tried the release version on whs 2011. I was not as impressed with the dashboard integration after using the latest beta with the drive pool interface. I like version beta interface that's what I'm using with whs 2011 with an extra copy on a client machine as remote control this seems to me the best experience with drive pool. Less clutter and easy, easy, easy and did I say fast. I did not like the dashboard setup just me. What problems did any of you have with the latest beta seems to be working great so far. I have not tried any backups yet. added: backups work fine I have yet
  19. sspell

    License Transfer

    For the life of me I could not figure out how to deactivate drive pool for the license transfer. I knew there had to be a way. After following all the instructions I still did not see the deactivate dialog box next to the license. We'll anyway I finally thought since some of the license text was not spaced properly that my display setting may be the problem. And sure enough I had the text settings at 125% and setting back to 100% cured that problem. I don't know if I would call that a bug but I have seen other programs do that. Windows 8 handles the dialog boxes much better when text is expand
  20. Never could get the mirror driver to work on ultravnc. So I tried the tightvnc and the mirror driver works fine. I just like the full screen of ultra but it's laggy without the mirror. The RDP hack violates the Microsoft user agreement from what I read. Trying out tightvnc for a while see if I like it seems responsive more so than ultravnc.
  21. try setting the gigabyte to 50gb see what happens should move the scale percentage higher I would think. if not it's guess it's broke at 90%.
  22. just a question if you uncheck "or this much free space" set to 100gb seems to me that checked would override the percent scale and use the gigabyte scale
  23. Non of the options I could find provides for cable card tuner copy protected content so the cable encrypted channels will not work. Windows Media Center is the only option for that. I decided to dedicate the server to windows home server 2011 and build another htpc for the bedroom computer....
  24. sspell

    License Transfer

    Ok I purchased drive pool and scanner for windows8 now I want to try windows home server2011 on my system to see if I like it. Will the license transfer Or will I have to buy new again?
  25. very interesting let us know what the problem was when it's solved if you would thanks. My guess incompatible hardware.
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