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  1. thnz

    I/O deadlock?

    It was in Windows 8.1 rather than Server 2012 (not sure if this is important). Could you create another issue for the resize-while-uploading bug too? http://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/1297-drivepool-integration-questions/&do=findComment&comment=8697posts #4 and #5.
  2. thnz

    I/O deadlock?

    Is there any way to see when these issues are looked at? Or should I just keep an eye on the changelog. I'd like to know when it's good to test again of if you need more info/dumps.
  3. thnz

    I/O deadlock?

    Caught and dumped. Compressing and uploading atm. This crash occurred during duplication, though it does occur at other times too when the disk isn't part of a drive pool - maybe during I/O of some kind?
  4. thnz

    I/O deadlock?

    It had another lockup this morning. I've now run that reg tweak and rebooted, so next time it happens I'll hopefully be able to get a dump.
  5. thnz

    I/O deadlock?

    Might be the same crash I was having, though I was using Amazon CloudDrive. During heavy I/O (was duplicating via drivepool at the time) the system stops responding (ish). Mouse still moves, still responds to pings, can move windows around (though they're all 'not responding'), media continues to play, but cant ctrl+alt+del, or remote desktop into it - needs a hard restart. I've been unable to reliably reproduce it so have been unable to get logs/mem dumps when it happens. As for handling large files - it looks like clouddrive stores data at block level, so individual filesize might no
  6. Regarding the drive resize issue, 'enable disk tracing' turns itself off after the hard restart, so Im unsure how complete logs would be. It does reproduce reliably every time on multiple devices, so hopefully you can reproduce it allright. As for the system lock up (assume its a different issue), I think it only happens when the clouddrive is added to the drivepool. I can't reproduce the crash sbcd had - I assume mine is different. Its only a semi crash - for instance the mouse keeps moving, media keeps playing, and the system responds to pings, howver I cant ctrl+alt+delete or remote des
  7. Would you like logfiles of the drive resize/hard reset issue too? It's not a crash as such, and is easy enough to reproduce. I haven't been able to reproduce the semi-responsive crash that happened though (its happened once since). I'll try sbcd's steps later to see if it can trigger it. Also I haven't been able to trigger the apc_index_mismatch BSOD either - all I know is it occured once when destroying a cloud drive, and once when restarting.
  8. Tried reproducing it again with more data - this time it fails to reattach after recovery. * Create 10GB new cloud drive * Copy 9GB onto it * Resize to 30GB while the 9GB is still uploading * Copy another 9GB onto it (so theres more than 10GB waiting to upload) * Hard reset while its still uploading * Drive recovers (saying its a 10GB drive) * Drive fails to attach, saying its allready attached. Seems something goes wrong after a hard restart after a drive is resized and data is still being uploaded. I'm not sure if it also happens if all data has first been uploaded after the re
  9. I'm not sure if this is the exact order of events that caused my problem last night, but I've just reproduced something similar. * Create a new 1GB cloud drive * Copy ~900mb of files onto it * Resize to 10GB while the 900MB is still uploading * Wait for resize to complete, but while its still uploading the 900MB, hard reset the computer * CloudDrive now reports the drive as being 1GB - though in this instance windows explorer reports it as being 10GB still. I'm not sure of data loss. I'm now trying to reproduce it with larger sizes to see if I can get the 'to upload' to be lost aga
  10. Well something went wrong overnight last night. The computer was semi-unresponsive and needed to be hard reset when I checked on it this morning. My 3TB CloudDrive with about 250GB left to upload is now only a 50GB drive with 800mb left to upload, and DrivePool is reporting the disk as missing causing the pool to be read only. I'm trying to work out what happened atm (unsure if the CloudDrive disconnected overnight, leaving the pool read only and then causing the computer to hang). After detaching (not forefully) the CloudDrive (the computer kept failing to respond with it still attached)
  11. How does CloudDrive integrate with DrivePool with regards to read striping on duplicated files? Will CloudDrive be pulling in data to try to satisfy uncached read requests from DrivePool, despite the whole file being allready available on another disk? Also should the network connection go down, assuming the CloudDrive is only being filled with duplicated files, would there be any errors thrown, or would all writes just go into the cache for when the network comes back up, and reads go to the local duplicated copy of the file? Hope that makes sense! Also, would sudden power loss or a syste
  12. It was uploading allright to begin with, but now its been stuck at 3.08GB left to upload for quite some time. Seems to be chucking lots of yellow 'thread was being aborted' and blue 'the write operation failed, see inner exception' messages in the client, and lots of repeated warnings in the log file. Amazon Cloud Drive.log
  13. Is it safe to use DrivePool's duplication, in the sense that even if something goes wrong, any data loss wont be propogated to other drives in the pool?
  14. Is it safe to use Amazon CloudDrive at the moment? Looking in another thread it appears you guys have been having data integrity issues wih it. I'm planning to use it as a 'duplicate only' drive alongside DrivePool for backups, but am a bit worried as to how safe my data will be. I've been looking out for a product like this for a long time - the ability to have a cloud hosted virtual hard drive with local caching. It's great to finally see one under development, and its looking very promising so far. All going well with the trial, you guys will be getting another sale shortly.
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