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    matthew.austin got a reaction from Mick Mickle in Load Cycle Count on Seagate Backup Plus 5TB   
    My two ST5000DM000-1FK178's are going strong but they do that annoying cruch/chirp sound that I posted about months ago all the freaking time, it's driving me up the walls.  
    Dave, did you get the HDAT2 software to work on a 5TB seagate?  I can go in and disable the APM, but when I go into the DCO menu in step 11, all five items there are red, and when I select modify per step twelve, it just chirps and says command aborted.  So I got nowhere because that's the hack that makes the APM setting stick.  
    I'm so sick of these Seagates, if I had the money I'd toss them and get greens, at least you can control them.  I'm also a little ticked that apparently these are SMR / Shingled drives and I could find nowhere in the product documentation that mentions that.  I thought they sucked performance-wise, and I guess that's the answer. 
    when the seagates are internal to my computer, I can use CrystalDiskinfo to disable the APM, but when they're in my Mediasonic Probox eSATA enclosure where they belong, the commands using CDI or StableBit Scanner are not honored.  And I should add, that using HDAT2 I had it hooked up internally. 
    Sorry if I sound grumpy, I just spent the better part of the last two hours dinking around with this, the thread got it back into my head again that I should finally mess with it, I thought I had hope, and my hopes were, alas, dashed.  
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