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    Hello again.  I'm trying to figure out if there is any way to subdivide drives within a single pool so that I can prioritize which ones duplicate data first. 
    My scenario is this.  I've got two external USB3 JBOD drive carriages that hold 4 disks each.  If I just add all of the disks to a Drivepool, the data is spread across each of the drives fairly evenly no matter which carriage they are in.  I'd like to have the duplicated data be written to each seperate carriage whenever there is enough available space to do so.  This would provide better performance since they are not all going through the same USB interface, and also better security since if one carriage was damaged then the other would have a better chance to survive.
    I know that you can limit which individual drives receive duplicated data,  is there any way to do that for groups of drives?
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