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    But adding this into StableBit DrivePool (or even StableBit Scanner)? No, it doesn't really fit with what the software does. However, i've flagged the request for alex, though this is something that we have been thinking about already.


    Why not ? 


    For sure, I understand that DrivePool is not an antivirus but I think it could be quite simple to implement a optional feature that could block any process (inside the NAS or external thru the shares) that try to create a .encrypted file (suffixes taken from a configurable list.....). Blocking this process, DrivePool results to block any tentative to manipulate the original file (supposing it FIRST create the encrypted one, then delete the original).


    About the rest of the comments: I'm quite confused .... when I was on Windows Home Server all the suggestions was to NOT use an antivirus on the NAS demanding this control on the PC (client) that use the files inside the NAS. Now you said to install antivirus, firewall etc. Ok, thats a good suggestions, but until today I thinked "different" .... 


    TIPS: about antivirus, at the end, Windows Defender intercept the cryptolocker on the PC (of my friend) but after some time .... so only about 10% of total files was encrypted .... 


    Thank you for your comments (and sorry for my poor english...)

  2. Hi, 


    yesterday I helped a friend of mine to recover it PCs from Cryptolocker attack (all file crypted and renamed as .encripted). Here in Italy in this period is similar to a total was with thousand of casualities ...


    I really really fear about a cryptolocker on my pool ...  :wacko:


    Could be a good idea to intercept any tentative to create a .encrypted (or similar suffix) file ? I suppose Criptolocker first try to create the encrypted one, then delete the original...


    It could be a possibile (optional) new feature ? 


    Many Thanks !


    Gian Luca

    Torino, Italy



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