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  1. No, the real time duplication setting was not removed. I just removed the drive. Did not turn off the setting. The file I tried to access was not new; It is a very old file as a matter of fact. Resetting the permissions of the entire pool is not a viable solution. What do you mean check the pool? Im trying to open the file from the pool.
  2. I have a 3 drive pool with all files duplicated 2, 4 times on a pictures folder. The VM it was running in froze and wouldnt boot up because one of the physical disks was bad and unreadable. I tried everything to try to get Windows to boot with it. Nothing. I booted without it and of course Drivepool complained a volume/drive was missing. I removed it from the pool directly. I added the new drive in, added it to the pool, done. Thats what I thought. I did this about....last night. Today, Im trying to see a film and it doesnt find the file on
  3. Same error, different file. I really need to get this damaged HDD off the pool so I can RMA it and get a new one in. Why doesntt let me do this and period? I could careless if it has a virus or not.
  4. Im trying to remove a failed hard drive but during the dedupe process it failed because it detected a virus (It isnt) Is there any way to ignore this and continue and/or just dedupe it anyways, even if it is a virus?
  5. Maybe its time to switch service to something that supports ALL your customers. Just a thought.
  6. Why are only US phones supported? And why doesnt it mention this in the manual before buying?
  7. I have 4 HDD connected and I want to start using with all 4 since the main one is getting full. It is a mix of documents, files, photos, and movies. Documents and photos will be on all four while the rest will be on two. What is the correct and proper process for?
  8. Just bought and installed DrivePool right now and added 4 drives; 1 was nearly fully and the others are empty. Im trying to access the new drivepool letter it says it has assigned it (I:) but I cannot access it. WS2012R2. OK, now it (I:) is showing up but inside there are no files. E F G H Are my other drives. E is nearly full. Shouldnt I see everything in E, inside of I? Pool file duplication has be turned on (x2). I plan to change it to "folder" duplication for certain ones x2 and critical ones x4. Why isnt it showing up?
  9. Im using currently a 3TB x 4 RAID5 setup. I want to change over to a DrivePool but I believe Ill miss the RAID5. Just in case, how easy is it to make a pool with DrivePool and integrate it into a RAID5 using SnapRAID (free product)? Thank you
  10. Thank you for the reply. I am not sure how well it works but SnapRAID would be my best option as it is free and I am already going to buy DrivePool. Ill try to check out some information around forums
  11. Ive read a lot about DrivePool and heard a lot of good things. Im going to switch from RAID5 to a storage pool using DrivePool but I was wondering, if I choose to, could I do a fake (software) RAID5 with DrivePool using 4 3TB HDDs? Just out of curioisity. Thank you.
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