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  1. Dled the trial and ran a couple of benchmarks while I was at it. First, I tested a game load. The game is called path of exile, and the load takes an epic amount of time, seemingly due to a ton of random reads during startup. The system was rebooted between each run to clear the windows memory cache. The OS SSD is a 120GB Samsung 840 EVO, the SSD is a 240GB Samsung 840, and the HDD is a 2TB WD Green. Just so it's crystal clear what I'm doing here, "unpooled" is using the same physical drives that are in the pool, but using the non-pooled space. Pooled is reading from the pooled volume. The OS
  2. So I'm finally about to move up to Windows 8, and I was initially considering storage spaces....but it seems to have far too many caveats to trust my data to it. So after a little googling, I stumbled upon drivepool. I used to use WHS back in the day, loved drive extender...but that's no longer a thing, and my needs have changed considerably since then. My current setup: Main PC 120GB SSD - Main OS/Apps drive 240GB SSD - Gaming performance drive 2TB WD Green - Gaming/misc archive drive 64GB SSD - Caches the 2TB drive using intel smart response, so reads and writes are super quick desp
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