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  1. When i run this command " ~ # esxcli storage core device partition list", when i have 13 drives in my server it displays only 8 and all the device names are same. confused here Device Partition Start Sector End Sector Type Size ------------------------------------ --------- ------------ ---------- ---- ------------ naa.60030130f09000001a94cdbc1e6ba1d5 0 0 388497408 0 198910672896 naa.60030130f09000001a94cdbc1e6ba1d5 1 64 8192 0 4161536 naa.60030130f09000001a94cdbc1e6ba1d5
  2. thanks for the reply. I'm using 2008M-8i card and also 9271-8i RAID controller(i guess these both controllers are capable of getting SMART details), on both the servers i have esxi5.1 installed, for some reason i don't get smart details in any server. do i need to enable something in BIOS or in vsphere to get this command display all the details?
  3. hi, My issue: I am trying to get SMART data for my hard drives (SAS and SSD) with esxcli command " esxcli storage core device SMART -d <device name>" when i try to query this command from my ESXi 5.1 host (installed on my server SSH to this host and ran this command), it gives all N/A (attached image). what should i exactly enable or disable and where, to get this command work with esxcli command? since i am very new with SMART, Vmware and Hard drive stuff, i cannot get my task work right, even though this post has more information, i am missing something. can some p
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