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    Posted this under hardware, since I do not suspect that drivepool itself is the issue. Hope this is correct.
    I have 2 identical servers running drivepool, but 1 server started to slowly behave badly. Issue is that when copying from a source to that server, I am getting more and more CRC errors and transfer speed varies from 100MB/sec to 5MB/sec (sometimes network connection is even dropped). I use Terracopy to transfer files.
    Now I am kinda lost where to start/continue troubleshooting.
    What I did till now:
    - clean inside and cards
    - checked Sata cables
    - swapped LAN cable to server
    I do not suspect the NIC since read speed seems OK. Also switch an router are OK, since the other server is on the same hardware and woks flawless.
    I am using a Supermicro AOC-SAT2-MV8 in that server as opposed to a RocketRaid R2220 card in the other. Could that be the issue? Can I simply switch cards (have a spare Rocket Raid somewhere), without moving files from the attached drives. Or is this not possible? I mean simply pull out the one put in the other, restart server.
    On 3 of the 18 drives I have some SMART errors, does not look all to serious, but could this be part of the issue?
    Memory test? Have not done that yet. What will this accomplish? Just now swapped the memory against a spare one I had lying around, and issue remains. So memory is not the issue.
    Any other ideas?
    Thanks for any help.
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