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  1. Thanks to Drashna and the support team at Covecube everything is back to where it should be. I uninstalled and reinstalled DrivePool and all is well.


    I have no hestitaion in recommending Covecube software for WHS and WS2012E even though I have a couple of issues forum members or support have helped me get back on track quickly and without the lose of data (maybe another grey hair or two to add to the many, but who is counting).


    Thanks again


  2. Thanks Drashna

    I have created a ticket as suggested. My main concern is client computers can't access shared folders. If I unistall DrivePool will that correct the problem, I don't want to make it worse. Would it be better to move the server folders to new clean drives from the Dashboard?


  3. I have three pooled drives or I did have but after Folder Duplication no drives show in the DrivePool window. I am concerned the duplication process did not work properly. The shared folders are on the drives but are scattered and fragmented. The other problem is I can't access the folders from any client computers. Is there an easy way to restore the folders or do I have to copy the folders to another drive and start over?






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