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  1. So... it appears that the problem is created by the 2TB Seagate Expansion drive. I connected everything, minus the Seagate drive and everything was running smoothly. I left the computer on overnight and forced scan all the drives, no errors were found and no glitches happened. Then, I added to the pool two more drives I had lying around (2TB Seagate ST2000DM001) using an external double docking station. No issues. I shut down the computer, disconnected everything and booted up with no external drives. Then, I connected just the Seagate Expansion drive (which I deliberately left out i
  2. Fair point. I'll run that test too when the powered HUB arrives and will update you. I want to minimise my attempts for fear of something going wrong with the disks. It's really stressing to see them disappear even if they come back eventually! Cheers
  3. I think it's the USB controller of the mpotherboard that is not handling the traffic. Here's what I did. I booted up the PC with only the internal SSD's, no external drives were connected, nor the eSATA enclosure. I installed Scanner and let it scan the internal SSD's (not part of any pool). It went without issues. Then I started connecting one by one the external drives. First I connected the two 8TB My Book drives which were plugged in the front panel. No issues. Moving to the rear ports, I connected the 4TB Intenso Memory Cente. No issues. When I connected a second
  4. I am using the motherboard's USB 3 ports not a separate controller card. As for the eSATA enclosure, it appears to be the most stable. It is the USB 3 drives that are disappearing and are flagged as bad. This is what I was thinking too. If I boot up with no drive attached, install Scanner and then start connecting them one by one? To see if they function properly in low load. Do you think it's worth trying that for troubleshooting purposes? I expect my Pool won't be affected if I do that, right?
  5. Hi! I recently started using Drivepool and I love it. I wish I knew about it sooner. I have a serious issue with Scanner though, which prevents me from using it alongside DrivePool. For some reason, when I install Scanner, the system seems to do a lot of work in the backgroud, the scanner UI doesn't come up (starting service stuck for ever) and one by one my disks disappear from explorer and from Windows. The first time I installed it, it was marking my disks as full of errors, basically it was marking every sector as faulty until eventually the disks dissapeared altogether, not only
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