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  1. Had a weird thing happen; fortunately I had a backup, but...


    I have my DrivePool set to x3 on most folders, except the following which are set at x1.

    Recycle Bin


    Backblaze temp folder (online backup)


    I had several videos in the MKV container format that I demuxed and remuxed into the MP4 container using dBpoweramp Video converter, with the option set to delete to the recycle bin on completion.  Problem was, I also had dBpoweramo Video converter to split to two video sections after 4GB, so I recovered the original MKV files from the Recycle Bin.  The files I recovered were mostly corrupted; they would throw an error when playing after a couple minutes or so.


    Anyone ran onto this type of issue before?  I was wondering if maybe it was because I had the Verify After Copy option turned off (by default) in DrivePool or the fact I have the recycle bin set to x1


    i had the originals backed up so no data lost, but now I’m a bit wary and do all my video and audio conversions on an SSD first, then copy back to the Drive Pool.  I also turned on the Verify After Copy option.

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