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  1. I was looking under: Control Panel\System and Security\Security and Maintenance\Reliability Monitor and noticed every day I have a "critical" problem that is StableBit Scanner Service stopped working, and based on the times, I can only assume this is happening when I shutdown the machine for the night. If it makes a difference, I have windows set to really shut down, and not the windows 10 fake shutdown for fast resume (that appeared to be causing me problems with external drives). I was wondering whether this was indicative of a real problem, or is this just a quirk/slow shut d
  2. Thanks to the service log I've spotted that renaming a duplicated file appears to make drivepool check the entire pool. Is that the expected behaviour? (I probably do this at least once a day, which is why I must see it checking so often.)
  3. I'll report back when I've had time to look at all the options, but wanted to say thank you now for both the replies.
  4. I'm a big fan of DrivePool, and recently moved a load of pooled drives to a new computer and it just worked, so that was brilliant. Just getting that out there so you know I'm not moaning for the sake of it! However, I'd really like to know more about why DrivePool is doing certain things. My system seems to re-measure a lot. To resolve this I've slowly replaced cables, drives, controllers, and now the whole computer (not just for DrivePool, but I had hoped it would help.) I probably do have a dodgy disk, but I can't afford to replace the whole lot, and it's not obvious which on
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