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  1. I use x2 duplication over the whole pool, I expect I won't get a lot out of the SSD optimiser then, but I'll set it up anyway just for the sake of making the server marginally better, for example when we finish a holiday and upload many gigs of photos and holiday videos it may help.


    I think in which case I'll put it in one pool and save myself the hassle of multiple pools..

    I have 2 strategies for backups in addition to x2 duplication, I have the amazon photos desktop app running, but it is a rubbish application and often takes a lot of poking to make it work, I've also added a removable HDD bay to run backups of the most important data to.  I'm considering stablebit cloud drive application but I don't know how helpful it will be yet.

  2. Hi,

    I have a question, I've tried looking around online but, alas, cannot find the answer.  I've been happily using drivepool for many years and am about to rebuild my server (as it needs more disks and the case is rusting), so I will use this opportunity to make the server better.

    Currently I run a single pool with 5 disks between 3 and 4tb each and 5900rpm in speed.  I have bought 2 new 8TB disks which are 7900rpm, and my assumption is that I am better off making them into their own pool so that all their operations run at their own speed, and move some data from the main pool to this new one, and I can gradually replace the disks over the years to all be 7900rpm.

    I'm also fitting a 240gig m.2 ssd to go along with the spare 240gig ssd and to start using the ssd  optimiser plugin.

    So my question is, am I being silly worrying about making the faster disks into their own pool, should I just stick them in the main pool, and does the approach with the ssd optimiser seem sensible?

    Note:  The primary use of the server is Photos, Plex and as a Minecraft server, the Plex DB and Minecraft goes on the C:\ (500gb m.2) and backs up to the pool, the pool is mostly used for reading photos, music and video files, so I don't know if I'm wasting my time with the SSD optimiser if it mostly helps with the writing to the disk..


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