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  1. Ok, so I read up on a lot of things.  Several Questions and what can I do to fix this isn't getting me anywhere. 

    Stablebit Scanner detected a damaged drive
    - I duplicated what I could, bar went green, removed drive, some files couldn't be moved, erroring out, had to choose the option for Fast Removal
    - Placed new drive inside
    - All went well until the duplication process came to play.  Error with a limited list of files unable to duplicate (which I am not understanding why since the files are there, and supposedly "unhidden" and can be accessed, why can't this get duplicated.... is beyond my comprehension; but whatever).  I started moving files it provided names for unduplicated.. But then I have to Duplicate Now for another list of files unduplicated for me to move.  Come on man... really?

    And where is this "hidden" folder of files that become "unhidden" when the drive is removed of unduplicated files?  I would love to just cut move, duplicate, move back (duplicate again), and then fix my Plex system (again) from this. 

    How can I force Stablebit to duplicate what it already has because you know it writes the files multiple times across drives for helping to prevent file loss.  I still cannot get past this logic here...

    I have the space, 5x the space of this drive that was damaged.  This isn't an issue; and I can have up to 3 drives go bad before I start losing data on a 4th.

    Also I read somewhere that there is an option to move unduplicated files to a folder... Where the hell is this at?

    I have 28 drives plugged in and 2 VM drives on a 3rd machine.  Please help...


  2. On 11/19/2019 at 2:05 AM, Edward said:

    Fully recognize that the current issue is not mine (but I'm the OP) however would highly appreciate if:

    1. How do I find out which files on drives are unduplicated?

    2.  That this thread is anyway updated with recommended processes/commands need to be followed when a problem occurs.  Or a link to such processes/commands.



    I too would LOVE to know the answer to this.  Otherwise running duplication process repeatedly for a limited list and having to "Duplicate now" again and again, and again for 487gb is not a feasible option one enjoys doing...  But it IS something other than nothing.


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