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  1. Ac3M

    Replacing drive with same data ?

    I think DrivePool will ignore folders that it hasn't created itself. Never tried this actually. I'm not using any backup solution myself, just JBOD hurdled together in DrivePool as a single drive, and I've had my fair share of disks that have failed (FUBAR cables, for the most part), and also disks that were full (Like 0 bytes left) which have led to having to move data, and I found that it was working to move data outside of the PoolPart-folder made by DrivePool, and then to/from source/destination. But, remember to pay heed to never move data from one PoolPart-folder to another since DrivePool tends to pull a David Copperfield on you and make stuff disappear, like magic. I have yet to try out recovery software to see if removed data can be restored, come to think of it. Not that it has anything to do with this, but it should work I think. I find it very simple to work with the folder structure (PoolPart) since anything within it, you can just move up one level and it's taken out of the pool, then you can merge that data with another folder on another disk or whatever then you can just put it back and et voila - It's back in the pool again.
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